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Sponsor - BADGATE Aviation

BADGATE Aviation is owned by Earl Thomas.  They provide Subject Matter Expertise (SME) in support of the U. S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDEVCOM), Aviation & Missile Center (AvMC), Prototype Integration Facility (PIF) Advanced Composites Laboratory. Manages the design, prototyping, and manufacture of Advanced Composite components for PIF Advanced Composites Lab customers. Provide technical oversight as well as policy and procedural guidance to multiple levels of Government and Contractor program management teams relating to aircraft maintenance and modifications operations. 
BADGATE is currently the 2022 Sponsor of the Voice of Democracy, Patriots Pen, and Teacher Maher Awards and Dinner this year. They are also a continued sponsor of the Post and have recently contributed to the Annual Holiday Donation Prize Giveaway by donating Radical Firearm AR-15 as one of the prizes.